What constitution do you live by?

Author Lamide Balogun

What constitution do you live by?

We are different from animals because we can make plans, set goals and live by a constitution. A constitution is the rules by which you live. For example you can decide that you will never pay more or less than a certain amount for a pair of shoes. You can state in your constitution that you will never smoke even if a gun is put to your head. You can decide that come what may, you will speak to your mother at least three times a day. Determine which sort of organisation you will work for and the ones you will not be caught dead in.

Why have a constitution? It helps us to live a proactive life and not just allowing us to be tossed by every wind of doctrine making us run all over the place like headless chickens. The constitution may change but you have to be sure that you want the change and the same amount of effort that went into creating it will go into changing it.

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