"What Are You Listening To"

Author Lamide Balogun

"What Are You Listening To"

The world has become a global village, a very noisy global village. This means that you hear what everybody in the world is saying , most of whom are saying things that are very poisonous, unwholesome and in most cases down right irrelevant.

Listening can be by what you hear, see, read, touch (for the blind) and the list is endless. Everybody has an opinion, usually founded on nothing and they are determined that the world must hear it. There is definitely information overload to the point of an explosion.

This makes it extremely difficult to think and yet without the dying art of thinking we cannot move meaningfully forward. The good book says if you are going to prosper , you have to meditate, not the middle eastern religion way but engage in quiet introspection of what you are about.

We have all been created for a purpose and if we do not 'think' we will never hit the mark and will therefore spend life running from pillar to post trying to live someone else's purpose.

Take time to evaluate where you are, where you are coming from, your passions and skills and you will get to know where you should be headed. There is a still small voice inside you that knows the answers but is struggling to be heard over the cacophony that is the world 'speak'.

One thing you can be sure of is and that is that time is ticking away never to be regained, the more noise you listen to the less you will ever achieve. Before you know it, you will be eighty years old with not much to show for it.

Be quiet for a while and be amazed by what you will hear from with -in you. Take the earphones out of your ears and focus. Your quietness will reduce the decibels of the world and then maybe the rest of us will hear ourselves think.

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