Total Wellbeing And Employee Engagement


Total Wellbeing And Employee Engagement

I am not writing anything new. we all know the saying that health is wealth. we all can also agree on the fact that if you do not have health you are poor despite the amount of cash you possess.

However how does health work with your effectiveness at work. Usually  if you are not lying in a bed better a hospital bed everybody believes you have health. this my fellow human beings is not the case.

There are many people working around who are very poor- in health that is. Many of them don't even know that they are unwell. they may not have diseases (even though some have and don't know). People have more subtle ailments for for example food addictions.

a person with a food addiction also has emotional issues that are not obvious. what happens to such a person, they are always eating or thinking about food and cannot focus on anything else for any length of time.they probably get told off for not focusing because their work will definitely at best be mediocre at worst be terrible.

Once they are told off they seek comfort in their addiction which has made them put on a lot of weight and then makes them self conscious which in turn makes them again find solace in their addiction.

This addiction also comes with indigestion, constipation, runny tummies etc that in itself will not allow for concentration. this can eventually lead to the chronic ailments that are treated with medication for example diabetes and high blood pressure. the root cause is not treated but the employee has the added burden of hospital visits etc. all of this is just the very tip of the iceberg.

How engaged can these people be. organisations should start paying more attention to the wellness of their staff and not just take care of their medical bills. when companies don't care for the total wellness of their staff they end up losing a huge amount of money from seeming incompetence and a total lack of employee engagement.

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