Be the best you can be

Author Lamide Balogun

Be the best you can be

Many times you want to be the best but don't know what it takes. However being the best may even be out of your hands because the best always seems to be a moving goal post depending on so many variables that can leave you dancing to every tune but the most important one, your own.

However being the best you can be is more within your reach even though in most circumstances you have to expend some energy to achieve it. The battle to be the best you can be is usually in the mind. It is your mind set that makes you put limitations on yourself. You need to first assure yourself that you can operate on a higher level than where you currently are and it will be easy to go for it. This means you must carry out a current state assessment in order to determine what doing better entails.

What is the result of not being the best you can be? Mediocrity! which in itself is not the worst thing that could happen however  mediocrity has  been described as a comfort zone which was in turn described as a shallow grave. Mediocrity will leave you completely unfulfilled to the point of deep depression, utter unhappiness and lead in some cases to death. To site a quote "good enough is not good enough".

When you have analysed where you are and have found out what your best should be, determine to go for it. Go the extra mile. For example if you are overweight this is not your best, don't just settle for it. A better you ,would not be overweight so find out how to lose weight ,then do it. When you lose weight you will be a better you and when you keep it off at your ideal weight you have become the best you can be.

At work ,if you are doing only what you are told to do, you are not being the best you can be. If you do the same thing over and over again without any improvement day in day out , you are not being the best you can be. To be the best you can be, you need to continuously sharpen your skills and learn new things about your line of work. With learning comes growth (the corollary is no learning means arrested development) . Effort must be expended in order to be the best you can be. The good news is that expending this for the best results is not injurious. 

Little things, like not procrastinating about making that call or not procrastinating about finishing that assignment, is a step to being the best you can be. Checking that email is correct and appropriate before clicking send, smiling when you are dealing with people whether or not they are your customers is a step in the right direction. 

Mediocrity never achieved anything of significance. Imagine if the people who created the internet or the mobile phone decided not to be the best they could be. Think of something you like, it was not made by people who did not go the extra mile and many did not do it to become famous they just wanted to be the best they could be.

The absolute brilliant thing is that once you are still breathing you can still strive to be the best you can be. There is no age limit. Apply this to everything you do and very quickly it will yield great dividends. This is a new week why not start this week with this challenge...... be the best you can be!

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