"Free Will" Is this a misnomer?

Author LB

The dictionary definition of free will is  "the power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one's own discretion".

In many instances we are told we have free will but do we really? In school do we have free will concerning academic performance? We are not given the option to do what we want as we want. If a student does not tow the line set down there are dire consequences which can be far reaching. Many of these consequences may be so far that it takes years for them to come into play. In this situation most schools are not at all ambiguous as to where and when you can exercise free will.

In our relationships how much free will is there? If you choose for example not to effectively communicate with a supposed loved one you will fall foul of them.In many instances even the people you are supposed to love are not your idea of ideal people to love. In relationships if you just behaved the way you want to , anytime you want to, any where you want to, the chances are that the "relationship" will not last long. However many relationships dont have parameters where freewill can be exercised and as such they are a mine field where we don't know where the mines are and we can be blown up almost always without notice.

Take the work place. Even though a good structure should be in place Every work place has rules that must be obeyed, even the most unstructured ones. These rules dont give too much wiggle room for our free will. Looking at it from the point of view of the organisations, if everybody was allowed to do what they feel like doing when they feel like doing it...... will most like end in chaos.

Our free will exercised freely therefore curtails other people's free will and eventually causes no end of misery and sorrow. The truth is that organisations need to define the parameters within which people can move freely. The challenge is that most organisations don't do this and therefore leave the people guessing as to where and when they can exercise free will.

We must learn the parameters within which we can exercise our free will. There is no situation where doing whatever we feel  like without taking into considerations existing parameters  ends well. Our discretion is ruled by many things which is why i conclude that we dont really have free will if we want things to end well.

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