As part of our HR focus, we have world class capabilities in handling the outsourcing of various job functions such as:

    Administrative positions

    Secretaries ,Personal assistants

    Customer Service

    Call centre operatives, front desk officers

    Middle Management

    HR advisors, payroll administrators

    Finance Positions

    Accountants and internal auditors

    Project Managers
The benefits of outsourcing include:

    Cost Saving:

    the cost of outsourcing is significantly lower than the cost of hiring an employee for the same job function. you have fewer overhead expenses to worry about such as benefits and allowances.

    Improved Services:

    Your organization's services are improved as we offer well trained and motivated staff; we place a premium on continuity of service.

    Focus on Core Business:

    you can focus on other business issues whilst employee placement is handled by outside experts.

This means that a large amount of resources and attention, that might fall on the shoulders of management professionals, can be used for more important, broader issues within the company.